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Meet The Chef

Meet our chef

About Chef Ali

Ali enrolled at Johnson & Wales University in 1999 and decided to study and train to become a chef. Two years of rigorous training by the world’s best chef instructors was my way of becoming the best that I could be. My culinary studies included French Classic Cuisine, Mediterranean Italian, American, Asian and Modern Fusion.

After graduation my chef career took off like a rocket ship! By the time I was 24 years old I was Executive Chef at one of SOBE’s top restaurants “Tantra”. I was competing in cooking competitions with some of America’s best chefs in New York and Miami and I was introduced in several magazines and introduces as one of the top chefs in Miami. I have be in charge of several of Miami’s top restaurants including Shula’s Steak, Fountain Bleau Hilton and Capital Grill.

In 1997 Chef Ali was hired to work at Chef Allen’s in Aventura, Florida where he worked directly with Chef Allen Susser, the Father of Fusion Cookery.

Ali’s experiences at Chef Allen, led the way for him to become Executive Kitchen Manager of Shula’s Steak House where he continued to develop not only his cooking technique, but also improved on his administrative skills dealing with budgets and menu planning.

Now a seasoned chef, opportunity led Ali to the prestigious Tantra Restaurant on South Beach where Ali adorned the title of Executive Chef. Freedom and artist creativity allowed Ali to tailor Menus for unique functions while instructing all employees about The taste of Tantra.

My career and position caused major problem in my marriage, so I thought deep and hard to come up with a alternate route to secure income and have a quality life with my family. I decided to transition from chef de cuisine at the World Famous Fountain Bleau Resort to bartender/whitening restaurants in Miami and Boca Raton at several fine restaurants.

In 2004 met a music icon and began occasional private chef service for him. After a few months he offer me a full time position taking care of every meal he ate..

Now its 2022 and I am 4 years in at my very own restaurant C.L.A.S.S.  Soiree Steakhouse in Downtown Hollywood, with the biggest Hollywood actor of 2018/2019 and Hollywood movie producers as my main clientele. I’m lucky and blessed to “still” have the Premier Private Chef Company in South Florida.